Why Choose Randy

Randy on the issues that matter to Renton

Parks and Recreation

• Work towards new Benson Community Center, update downtown Piazza, add new May Creek Trail from Renton Highlands down to Lake Washington

•Past accomplishments include helping lead effort to build Henry Moses Aquatic Center, building the skate park, Read More…


Citizen access to government:

• Continue to recognize my role as public servant, working for and being accountable to Renton’s residents

• In addition, I’ll be extremely public in my dealings as a council member, and let the public have access to all of my council email

• Past accomplishments in this area: Read more…



• Honor historic zoning and work to minimize new traffic through established neighborhood streets.  Direct new multifamily construction to the downtown urban core, the Landing, and Arterial/highways, while keeping it out of single family neighborhoods.

• Continue to build on the Neighborhood program, community improvement grants, community center plans, sidewalk replacements, and safe walk to school programs

• Past accomplishments include:  Read more…

Public Safety

• Prioritize funding to Police and Crime prevention

• Work to help all residents feel safe taking walks in their neighborhoods or enjoying our business districts.

• Help ensure our vacant Police positions get filled with top recruits

• Work with new Renton Fire Authority to complete the Kennydale Fire Station, get fully-staffed Aid cars at all our fire stations and build on our already impressive response times

• Past accomplishments include: Read More…


Diversity and Inclusion

• Make Renton the best possible home and center of opportunity for all residents regardless of ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, family composition, disability, or any other characteristic that adds variety to our population

• Reach out to residents from our diverse populations, and seek to bring more of these diverse perspectives into our discussions and plans at City Hall

• Past Accomplishments in this area: Read more…


Budget and Revenue

• Continue to encourage new retail businesses in Renton to keep our sales tax here in our own city, enabling us to add police, fix roads, add parks and expand other service with no additional taxes on our residents or businesses.

• Continue to keep utility rates as low as possible, below rates of neighboring jurisdictions when possible. In my years on council I have helped lead us from having some of the highest utility rates in the county to some of the lowest.

• Past accomplishments include: Read more…


• Continue to nurture renewal of downtown.

• Move Transit Center to Main and Grady, and implement changes recommended by new downtown planning effort. Add artwork at every corner and intersection, and replace the worst buildings while improving our historic buildings.

• Work to create a fun and vital downtown environment that offers visitors an enjoyable and unique dining and shopping experience every time they visit Read More…


Transportation and Utilities

• As a 33-year career engineer and engineering manager, I will continue to help ensure transportation and utility infrastructure projects are timely, efficient, and provide value to the tax payers and rate payers.

• Past accomplishments include: Read More…



• Work with King County Library to ensure we continue to get our fair share of service and that our libraries grow and evolve as necessary to keep current.
• Past accomplishments include ensuring residents had an opportunity to vote on Library location, and personally helping the campaign to keep it over the river.  I supported rebuilding of downtown and highlands libraries.


Housing affordability

• Encourage developers to build affordable cottages for first-time buyers and empty-nesters.   Lower development fees on smaller homes as a way to incentivize the construction of right-sized homes for smaller families.

• Past accomplishments include lowering minimum house sizes, and participating in successful pilot development programs such as Read More…